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Kayaking in Tandem: Two-for-One Fun

Tandem kayaking (two people in a single kayak) is an incredibly rewarding pastime for friends and significant others.

Tandem kayaking (two people in a single kayak) is an incredibly rewarding pastime for friends and significant others. Sharing paddling experiences and new connections to nature - together - helps create lasting memories as well as new skills.

Kayaking tandem is a fun addition to a weekend camping trip. It’s a great tool to introduce a newcomer to kayaking, and to help that person develop the simple skills needed for paddling solo. It can be a romantic way to spend quality time with your significant other. And, it’s a great way to get your kids out on the water, enjoying nature up close.

Tandem kayaking is just about as easy to master as paddling solo. With a few minor considerations, you’ll find yourself having fun in no time.

Start Slow
If you’re kayaking tandem for the first time, or if you’re introducing a newcomer to paddling, choose areas that are calmer and easier to negotiate. Smaller marinas, ponds and calmer lakes and inlets all make great places to get started. Just remember to take it at your own collective pace and have fun.

Get Down With the Rhythm
If you’re paddling 2-up, it’s important to share a rhythm. That way, you’ll avoid paddling in circles. This is actually rather intuitive and doesn’t require much practice. But, taking the time to practice a bit in calmer waters will help you get to know each other’s style. Once you’ve got the basics down, you can focus your energies on speed and maneuvering together.

The Need for Speed
Once you’ve become accustomed to paddling together, the real fun can begin. For friends and couples who crave more physical activity, gaining a higher speed and more precise tracking can be a fun challenge. If you’re new to tandem kayaking, you may be pleasantly surprised how fast you can go with two people working together.

The Case for Romance
For couples, tandem kayaking is a wonderful way to get away from the grind together. It can give you the time to catch up, communicate and see new things together. Being in nature together can give you and your significant other a new pastime and connection. Plus, kayaking can bring you back to center, giving both of you a shared experience that is very special.

No matter how you do it, tandem kayaking is a lot of fun. And, sharing the adventure with another person just makes it that more enjoyable and memorable.

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