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Kayaking with Kids

Kayaking with the entire family can be a fun, worthwhile pastime.

Kayaking with the entire family can be a fun, worthwhile pastime. Children benefit, in so many ways, by having a relationship with nature and an appreciation of family time. Even at younger ages, kids have an elemental draw to their natural surroundings, a curiosity about nature and a need for fresh air and sunshine.

Safety First
The importance of a personal flotation device (PFD) cannot be overstated. It’s essential that your child have a PFD that fits him properly and that is worn for the duration of your journey.

Another important consideration is your child’s comfort and skill level in the water. Before planning a kayak adventure with your young one, he should be capable of basic swimming skills and feel confident in and around the water.

A great way to get your kid accustomed to your kayak is to start in your own backyard. If you have a pool, it can make an excellent and safe learning spot for you to introduce your child to the boat, how it feels and what to expect when on the water. From there, venturing out in a smaller pond is a great second step and allows your child to become more at ease with the experience.

Your child should also understand that the family kayak is not the place for rough play or standing.

Fun in Nature
Kids absorb a lot of positives from nature. Kayaking with them creates a great opportunity for a fun learning experience.

A game of I Spy (with my little eye) can be an entertaining way to teach your little one about different birds, plants and animals that are native to the area. Afterwards, encouraging your child to draw or color the different things he saw will help make even more lasting impressions.

For bigger kids, learning to paddle can be a truly exciting experience. Not only is it great exercise and empowering to kids, it is an invaluable opportunity to bond with your child. When age appropriate, take time to show your young one the basics as well as the significance of different strokes and techniques. Practice makes perfect!

Calmer waters will provide the best outings when you’re beginning. It’s important to take plenty of breaks, keep your kids hydrated and allow them plenty of time for asking questions.

It’s Always Time Well Spent
Family adventures are the best kind of adventures. Introducing your children to nature will instill good habits, a sense of responsibility and a respect for their world.

The memories you create together will last a lifetime and can be far more meaningful to your child than a video game or television show. And, it’s good for them.

Recent studies have indicated that spending time outdoors is a necessity for children. And, the stimulation from kayaking can be just the ticket. With plenty of fresh air to enjoy, sites to see, a closeness to the water and nature, kayaking is the fun family activity for virtually everyone.

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